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Train like a PGA pro with golf specific exercises and improve your golf swing

Mobilize stiff joints to correct power robbing swing faults

Maximize core strength and improve trunk flexibility

Boost driving distance by 20+ yards

Flexibility + Core Strength = Greater Distance and Consistency

Golf Putt
Golf Equipment

PGA professionals work with a physical therapist and so should you.  Seth Greiner is a physical therapist and expert in analyzing movement, completing golf specific post graduate training with the Titleist Performance Institute and Golo Golf Performance.  Diagnosing movement deficits in your hip, spine, and shoulders are essential to improving the mechanics of your swing and your performance on the course.


Seth's proven technique identifies and corrects muscle imbalances and reduces injury risk.   Prescribing customized warmup programs and training routines, his flexibility and strength programs will improve your length and strength on the fairway and take your game to the next level.  

Menu of Golf Services

Golf Body Screen

12 Functional movements screens identify areas of weakness and inflexibility in the body which cause common swing faults

Golf Evaluation

Head to toe assessment of strength, flexibility, balance, X factor calculation, prescription of corrective exercises

Golf Training

Personalized training sessions targeting golfers specific limitations with manual therapy, flexibility, and power exercises

Birdie Package

Golf Body Screen

X-Factor Measurement

Golf Evaluation

8 Golf Training Sessions

Video Home Program

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