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Frequently asked questions

You Have Questions, We Have Answers


Why Should I See a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapists are highly educated experts in movement. Most have completed 6-7 years of college education, have a Masters or Doctorate degrees,  and have advanced knowledge of the body and how it moves.

Physical therapists can help assess your rehabilitation needs following an injury or surgery, determine your current fitness level, and prescribe corrective exercises to maintain or improve your ability to move.


Do I Need A Prescription To Begin Physical Therapy?

In New York State, physical therapists can provide direct access services and initially don’t require a prescription. However, a physician’s prescription is needed within 30 days of being initially seen or after 10 visits, whichever is sooner.


If you need help in attaining a prescription, please call our office and we can assist you. Medicare patients are required to have a prescription on file for the duration of their care.


What Do I Bring To My First Visit?

Please bring your updated physical therapy prescription (if needed), liquids for hydration, and payment information.


How Should I Dress?

You should wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move around in and allows you to perform active exercises.

Popular attire include leggings, athletic pants, shorts, athletic t-shirts, and sneakers.


Is Home Therapy Covered By Medicare?



Medicare Part B covers physical therapy delivered at our facility OR in your home.  Home therapy is covered as long as the patient is not considered home bound(unable to leave the home), being seen by an agency billing Medicare part A for therapy, nursing, wound care services.

Medicare pays 80% of the charges, and the remaining 20% is the patient responsibility or is covered by a secondary insurance.

The treatment must be considered skilled and medically necessary to qualify for Medicare reimbursment.


Why Should I Choose Greiner Physical Therapy?

At Greiner Physical Therapy we don't believe in juggling 3-4 patients at the same time, or providing care by an unlicensed provider, which you'll often find at many other offices.


We provide direct one on one care with a licensed physical therapist for the entirety of your treatment or training session.  We believe in educating our patients to empower them toward greater indepedence. Our professional approach means better results in less time.


Do You Accept Insurance?

We are in network with Medicare and participate out of network with all other commercial insurances.


As a courtesy, we can submit out of network claims on our patient's behalf. 


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number of visits depend on your clinical presentation, past medical history, prognosis, and your personal goals. This is addressed and determined at your initial evaluation when your practitioner creates a plan of care with you.

As you begin to reach your goals, the number of visits may be adjusted as you gain more independence and begin to return to your daily life and sporting activities.


Is Physical Therapy Painful?

Physical Therapy is aimed to eliminate pain in order to optimize your function and to fully allow patients to return to their activities pre-injury.

Discomfort in the initial sessions can be experienced if you are a post operative patient, and a variety of techniques are used to assist with pain relief with movement.


Muscular soreness is also to be expected when adjusting to a new movement routine.


Can I See a Physical Therapist For a Check Up?

Yes! Absolutely!


Unlike your car, your body doesn't have a check engine light that ticks on every 3,000 miles.  Your body deserves the same level, if not a greater level, of care and respect.


Your therapist should see you on a regular semi annual basis to assess your current level of strength, flexibility, and function to make recommendations to your exercise programming to keep your body's engine running strong.

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